A catalogue is only that, a catalogue. But it’s also a window onto everything that goes into a brand, be it too much or too little, just as it is a reflection of its mannerisms and its philosophy, whether it’s explicit or not.

A company has many faces and a catalogue always tries to give a synthesis of all of them: of who thinks up the product, who makes it, who looks after it and all those who enjoy it, because all these faces make up a single personality. This, together with the ongoing and consistent work of research and creation, is what makes a personal project a snapshot of its time, because creation and production always occur in a context. Our immediate context speaks to us of East and West, of a return to our roots, of new uses and concepts and, above all, it speaks to us of the commitment to integrate new voices into our reality.

All these voices tell us about a world that begins and ends with sensations.

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